Inside has been one of the most critically praised titles of 2016 so far reaching 10/10 rave reviews from many gaming outlets, including Gamespresso, and with good reason. Up until recently, Inside’s has only available on Xbox One and PC but it looks like Playdead’s latest masterpiece will be coming to PlayStation 4 in August.

Inside shares many themes with Playdead’s previous game, Limbo, with its dark, depressing atmosphere and minimal colour palette that sets the world that Xbox and PC players have been enjoying since June. The PlayStation 4 release and release date has not been confirmed by the developer, the initial leak of the trophy list via exophase has alluded to an impending release, exophase also leaked a trophy list for the now confirmed Dead Rising remaster. The release window has been supplied by a ‘trusted source‘ from VG247 that points towards a release at the end of August.

Inside is a puzzle-platformer adventure video game set in a totalitarian, monochromatic city. Players will step into the shoes of the red-shirted boy as he seeks to escape facilities that are seemingly inhabited by mindless husks that shuffle along. You’ll make your way through by solving environmental puzzles and avoiding the watchful eye of the facilities’ inhabitants.

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