While it’s been four years, the end of Nintendo Power back in 2012 was a big event, as many print magazines were being pushed out of the way for cheaper alternatives such as blog posts and social media sites. However, what if you ever just wanted to go back and read some of those magazines? Reminisce what it was like to see those late 90’s ads for video games, or what it was like to catch most of your gaming news exclusively to this form of communication?

The Internet Archives has now released the most comprehensive online collection of Nintendo Power in all its glory onto the Internet for your viewing pleasure. For gaming archivists, this is a huge event, since many print magazines like Nintendo Power would otherwise be forgotten about if they weren’t archived in some fashion digitally.

This isn’t perfect, however. The site is still missing about 140 magazines, which is a substantial number. Other sites have tried organizing such a gathering of magazines before, but this so far is the largest collection of Nintendo Power magazines online. However, this does contain the first 145 issues from 1998 to 2001, meaning that so far they’re over halfway there. Hopefully the Internet Archive will be able to snag the other 140 magazines for us.

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