In a season busy for publisher Devolver Digital, it has just been revealed that Shadow Warrior 2 will come to PC in September.

Shadow Warrior 2013 was developer Flying Wild Hog’s successful and surprisingly heartfelt remake, with plenty of references to the original, campy and self-aware dialogue, engaging gun/swordplay in the vein of Red Steel, and an unexpectedly sentimental story. A sequel has been teased since last year, with trailers followed quickly by gameplay footage.

In the past months, Shadow Warrior’s twitter teased a release date less than two months away, and Nigel Lowrie of publisher Devolver Digital just told GameReactor at QuakeCon that the game is coming out in September. “It’s coming out next month, we haven’t set the date yet, but we are… PC is the first platform, then it’s coming out to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after that.

Shadow Warrior 2 will bring improvements to the series, including procedurally generated levels and more weapons than your weapon wheel can carry. Some are concerned about how procedural generation will affect what was originally a linear game, but it’s an interesting mixup to the series that won’t directly affect gameplay or tone.

Devolver Digital has making headlines recently: They’ve recently released Reigns, Okhlos, early access for Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, and announced Mother Russia Bleeds will come out September 5th.

You can add Shadow Warrior 2 to your Steam wishlist now.

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