Final Fantasy XIV’s latest update, update 3.4 has been pushed live.

The massive update, also known as Soul Surrender, is now live. The new update adds new main story quests, new side quests, a new 8-player raid called Alexander: The Creator, a new Waring Triad trial against Sophia, and two new dungeons: Great Gubal Library Hard and Xelphatol. Also being added is a new Grand Company rank, apartments, the Wondrous Tails system, and much more.

Also being added in update 3.4 is the new Squadrons system. The Squadrons system allows players to recruit NPCs, train them, and then send them on missions in order to earn items. The system is in the early stages of development, and will be expanded on in the future.

You can read the patch notes for the update here.

Square Enix recently released a video for World of Final Fantasy showing off the Sephiroth summoning. The summon pays homage to Final Fantasy VII, with Sephiroth using his Supernova attack while One Winged Angel plays in the background. The Sephiroth summon will be available as a bonus for those who pre-order World of Final Fantasy, which releases on October 25th.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

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