On the Xbox 360, an entire trilogy of action, drama, and some of the best gameplay around, graced the console and all those who owned it. This trilogy was the first three installments to the hugely popular Gears of War series. Years later with a new developer and the story is about to continue with a whole new epic adventure. Make sure that you’re able to dive in as soon as possible.

With every game in this day and age being more digital than anything else, installations and downloads can have you itching on your couch, waiting to get your new game started. Especially when you’ve been waiting years to play Gears of War 4. Microsoft and The Coalition have now made the preload for the brand new shooter available. It will be a total of 54.6 GB. This preload, however, is only available on Xbox One as of now.

For those on PC, the preload there should be coming very soon and will be available with plenty of time before launch. All of this information came from a tweet from the official game account. If you don’t know, Gears of War 4 will be launching on October 11th for Xbox One and PC. Preload today and get ready to dive into the action when it arrives.

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