After plenty of leaks in the previous weeks, Sony has finally given fans an official announcement for the PS4 Slim.

Looking to bring the PS4 to an even wider audience, the PS4 Slim is a sleek new design, and will be the standard model going forward. And as it turns out, gamers won’t have to wait long. The new console will hit “most markets” by September 15 for only $299.

Though it will include all the capabilities of the PS4 console we have now, the new Slim model will be more energy efficient. While Andrew House had only a little to say about the new console during today’s PlayStation Meeting, we know from leaks that the Slim will include improvements to the WiFi capabilities and a new controller.

Two months after the Slim hits stores, the PS4 Pro will follow, an upgraded version of the standard console. Releasing in November, the Pro will feature 4K resolution, HDR, an upgraded GPU, and boosted clockrate, and a 1TB harddrive.

Not to be left behind, the PS4 Slim will receive a software update enabling HDR capabilities on the console. This software update will go out to all PS4s, dating back to the original release in 2013. As we learn more about the PS4 Slim, along with the newly announced upgraded console, PS4 Pro, you will find it all right here on Gamespresso.

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