Available now, players can hop in and try the second piece of DLC for Star Wars Battlefront, Bespin. The free trail runs all this week, ending on September 18.

“All players will have the chance to go hands-on with the maps, modes and heroes from our Star Wars Battlefront Bespin content, free for a limited time. If you don’t own the Season Pass and haven’t played the new maps and modes of the Bespin Digital Expansion yet, this is your chance,” EA writes in an announcement.

The DLC includes maps, characters, and modes inspired by Cloud City. Players can fight through the city’s tight corridors, explore the carbanite freezing chamber, and even fight in the skies above Bespin.

The new game mode introduced in Bespin is Sabotage. “As part of the occupation attempt, the Empire has deployed several tractor beams on the surface of Cloud City to prevent Rebel ships from escaping the planet. In order to power the tractor beams, the Empire makes use of Tibanna gas generators that draw from the Tibanna gas native to Bespin.” Naturally, the Rebels are on a mission to destroy those generators. If they succeed, the fight doesn’t end there though. The Rebels then have to fall back and defend their transports as they escape.

While players will be able to access the Bespin-specific Hutt Contracts, the DLC specific weapons and Star Cards those contracts unlock will only be available once you purchase the DLC for yourself.

This all comes as DICE prepares to release the third Battlefront DLC, Death Star, later this month. The new content will finally introduces space battles to the game, along with maps in and around the iconic Death Star. Battlefront’s DLC offerings then wrap up later this year with Rogue One: Scarif.