Battlefield 1 has already landed for the Early Enlisters, and comes to everybody else on Friday 21st October. The game features some stunning visuals which DICE have been showcasing with atmospheric trailers and fantastic looking screenshots. This has been, amusingly, found to not be the full story though.

YouTube channel VG Tech ran a frame rate test with the PlayStation 4 and found that the normally flawless high resolution gameplay occasionally dropped to as low as 160×90.

The video discovers the game is using dynamic resolution tech to variate the games frame rate depending on the complexity of the scene. It was normally running between an impressive 1807×1014 and 1100×620, but the glitch made the game briefly fall to the comically low resolution.


As you can see from the images, the bug makes the game look anything but next generation, even falling below the graphical capabilities of a Nintendo DS. It must be said however, that these glitches were brief, and the rest of the play from frame rate test looked flawless.

Battlefield 1 Resolution Bug

It is expected DICE will look to fix this bug in the very near future, and it shouldn’t put anyone off buying the World War 1 first person shooter. Despite this video and screenshots travelling around the internet, the game will surely still be a big success for EA and DICE.

Battlefield 1 launches simultaneously on Xbox One, PS4 and PC at midnight tonight. Check out Gamespresso’s article on playing as a pigeon in the heat of battle to wet your appetite.

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