And the Nintendo NX rumors continue. This time the word is that the reveal of Nintendo’s upcoming console may be right around the corner, coming as soon as next week.

Seeking Alpha reports that investment banking and financial services organization the Macquarie Group has recently changed the rating of Nintendo’s stock to “neutral,” while it was previously rated at “outperform.” The change in rating is allegedly in anticipation of major news that will be announced next week.

The cause for the decrease in Nintendo’s stock rating is due to the anticipated price of the console. Currently, the Macquarie Group is expecting the NX to be priced around $300 to $350 USD. This means that the console will be not only be higher than usual for Nintendo, but also directly comparable with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. If this expected price turns out to be true, then the decrease in stock rating makes sense, as the Macquarie Group suggests that a higher price point means less potential customers.

Nintendo has currently not set an official date for the reveal of the NX. Previous rumors have also suggested that the new console will be revealed in October. There is also no firm date for the release of the NX, but it is expected to arrive by March, 2017.

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