It’s no surprise that Blizzard has been actively pushing the eSports scene in Overwatch, especially with the Overwatch World Cup at Blizzcon next month. In an interview with Blizzard’s CEO, Bobby Kotick by the CNBC, Kotick spoke briefly about the surge in popularity for eSports and VR. Interestingly, the mention of an Overwatch eSports League is the biggest takeaway.

In regards to VR, Kotick stated that any VR related products is currently not being worked on and will likely not happen “until we feel like we are pushing the art form forward.” As for eSports, Kotick mentioned that the company would be working on professional content. “You will have the Overwatch League which will have a certain number of teams” Kotick states, “Those teams will be a combination of professional sports teams as owners and endemic sports teams as owners.”

This is the first time that a proper league has been mentioned for the Overwatch competitive scene. It is currently unknown what the League format will be, but it is suggested that it may follow in the same footsteps of their planned Heroes of the Storm Circuit.

With several more weeks to go until Blizzcon, along with the anticipated World Cup championship matches, it is expected that a formal announcement of the Overwatch eSports league will be made. This would be in tandem alongside more news on future content for both Overwatch and other Blizzard games.

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