The Elder Scrolls Online has started celebrating its first holiday event, The Witches Festival. The official website describes the event as an “annual clash between sorcery and religion”.

The in-game explanation for the event is a large-scale undead summoning that adventurers must push back, and gain rewards from while doing so. To get started in the event, players have to grab the Crow Caller item from the Crown Store for free, and use the item to gain “The Witchmother’s Bargain” quest. Once the quest is finished, you get a whistle that summon a cauldron that will transform your party for two hours into the undead.

Disguised adventurers can kill boss monsters for a chance at special Plunder Skulls that drop candy, masks, and special crafting recipes unique to the event. You can use the item, The Witchmother’s Whistle, as many times as you’d like within the event, but after Witches Festival the whistle will be nothing but a souvenir and won’t work to polymorph your group. Plunder Skulls will stop dropping without the disguise, so make sure to make the most of the event while it’s in full swing.

ZeniMax urges players to share their Witches Festival fun with them using the hashtag #WitchesFestival on Instagram and twitter. The event runs from now through November 1st.

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