The next Overwatch hero, Sombra, has been the center of many recent discussions, simply due to the deluge of tiny leaks and hints we’re getting about her. From in game voice lines and files, to a literal skull of code, thought to be her logo, Sombra is everywhere on the internet. It suits the hacker persona.

Following last month’s fuzzy photo of a computer screen featuring someone thought to be Sombra, we’ve gotten another look at her, in the form of concept art found on Blizzard’s website, through reddit user Metalexe. It’s since been taken down, and hosted on Imgur.


The original image name is “bzc16_sombrafineart_1_1.jpg”, leading fans to believe that this is the real deal.

The image features the woman fans are assuming is Sombra, standing in the hand of a giant Svyatogor, a huge human-piloted mech created by the Russians in the Overwatch universe to combat the Omnic Crisis. She has the same design as the earlier leaked images, and has ribbons of light similar to Mercy’s buffs streaming from her fingertips.

Theory crafting has already started, with people flirting with the possibility that she’s a puppet master or a pet class for Overwatch. She could even be a lightweight attack class with mobile robot pets.

Whatever she is, hopefully Blizzard ends the suffering soon. Whether the leaks are leaks at all, or just Sombra “hacking” her own info is yet to be discovered, but it’s led to an interesting game of cat and mouse between Blizzard and their fans.

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