Craft Keep VR is now available on Steam Early access. Created by Strangefire Studios, the game drops players into an immersive fantasy world with dragons, dungeons and foul-mouthed customers. Players assume the role of an alchemist/blacksmith who can create a variety of powerful weapons and volatile potions.

The game’s official Steam page gives us a small description as well as a video showing off what players can expect for this brand new VR experience. “Do you want to craft magnificent blades and brew powerful concoctions for local adventurers? If the answer is yes and why wouldn’t it be? The position of local trainee Alchemist-blacksmith has just become available, thanks to a staffing grievance from the resident dragon who decided to eat our last trainee.”

Craft Keep VR utilizes the power of the HTC Vive to bring the game’s world to life. The device’s Room Scale feature allows players to walk around their shop and to do business with their customers. The game challenges players to balance the needs of their customers while also allowing them to explore the fantasy world laid out to them. The wireless controllers mimics real-life movements which features allowing players to be even more immersed in the game’s unique and creative world.

Craft Keep VR is now available on Steam Early Access for $14.99.

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