Although Blizzard has not officially announced anything yet, it looks as though Overwatch will be getting a Christmas themed event. Dataminers have posted audio files on the game’s Reddit page that appears to be a Christmas version of the main Overwatch theme.

This would not be too surprising, since Blizzard has already done a Halloween event and even a Summer Games event, giving the game a visual makeover to fit the respective themes. A Christmas themed event would just keep this trend going.

Also discovered were several voice clips of interactions between different characters, like the ones typically heard while waiting for a match to begin. And there are clips of the game’s announcer Athena saying “now entering the arena,” “gladiator,” and “challenger.” These may suggest that there is a new mode coming with the event, as these are terms that have never been used in the game before. This would be right in line with the Halloween event, which had a unique four-player co-op mode, Dr. Junkenstein’s Revenge, that was only in the game for the duration of the event.

Since there has been no official announcement for the event or even a confirmation that it exists, there is no specific release date for it yet.

Aside from holiday events, Blizzard continues to update Overwatch in other ways as well, such as balancing Symmetra by giving her a second ultimate ability.

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