Infamous Second Son has a new patch available for download that adds support for HDR and 4K displays,

With the patch notes posted on NeoGAF by user CyberChulo, this update comes ahead of the release of the PlayStation 4 Pro, which releases on November 10th. It seems some developers (primarily Sony’s first party studios, as The Last of Us also recently received a similar update) are getting their updates ready ahead of time for the upgraded versions of their games. This makes sense as many media outlets have been sent PS4 Pros several days early, and there would be no point in sending it out early if the games were the exact same as on the standard PS4.

However, you don’t need a PS4 Pro to benefit from the recent update to Infamous Second Son. While the support for 4K displays will only be supported by the PS4 Pro, every version of the PS4 has received an update to enable HDR visuals, which means that as long as you have an HDR capable television or monitor you can enjoy the enhanced visual fidelity.

The update comes in at a whopping 3.6GB, which is quite a lot of space for a PS4 hard drive (most of which are 500GB), especially if you purchase your games digitally. This means that if you do not have either a PS4 Pro or an HDR capable screen, this update is 3.6GB of wasted space on your console, and you are better off not downloading it. There is no word yet on whether these updates will be mandatory for games that require an online connection to play, but updates this large that only benefit a select few would surely frustrate many players.

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