The team over at Bolvërk Games released a VR version of their tower defence game Kittypocalypse back in August for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Since then, the game has been well received, but fans craved a chance to play the game without a VR device. The developers listened and have since been working on a version of the game that does not require any VR device. After 3 months, the team released Kittypocalypse Ungoggled.

The story to Kittypocalypse is quite simple really. Evil aliens are invading and disguising themselves as kittens, in order to get closer to us, and the only way to stop them from taking over the world, is to shoot down as many fluffy kittens as possible.

This version of the game features virtually everything the VR version has. However, it is noted that this version contains an additional island to defend against the horde of kittens. Otherwise, the features remain the same, such as:

• Free flowing hordes of enemies
• Campaign mode
• Skirmish mode
• Unlockable weapons and upgrades
• Complex damage model for weapon and kitten armors
• Over 50 weapons upgrades
• Fine-tuned difficulty progression which eases in new players but culminates in the ultimate challenge

Kittypocalypse Ungoggled is currently running a release sale for $9.99 USD on the Steam. The sale will end on November 11th.

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