Overwatch has proven to be a fantastic game that has made players around the world happy and brought a lot of success to Blizzard. To keep this success going, the developers are going to have to put in a lot of work to update and maintain this unique title. With BlizzCon announcements happening this weekend, you know that Overwatch was right on the top of the list.

Earlier today, we saw the first cinematic trailer for the new character, Sombra. That wasn’t all the good Overwatch news we received. Today at BlizzCon, a new Arcade Mode was also announced. This includes online 1v1 and 3v3 battles. For those who want to try it out as soon as possible, it will be part of the Public Test Realm as early as next week.

There were also two new maps unveiled for Overwatch. The first was a freezing land, Eco Point Antartica. For those keeping in touch with the lore, this is where Mei was cryogenically frozen. Another new map, seemingly having better whether than the previous one, is called Oasis and will arrive in December.

Check back in with Gamespresso this weekend for more new from BlizzCon and more great Overwatch details in the future.

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