In preparation for the release of the already popular Pokemon Sun and Moon, Nintendo has released a couple trailers for the next season of the anime and the new movie, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel.

The Sun and Moon trailer has fans a little concerned about the new art direction for the Alola Region. Ash has had a bit of a redesign, including new clothes and a new voice. His voice seems to be a bit deeper, possibly showing aging, but with the smoother lines of the anime, he actually looks younger than usual.

The anime trailer focuses on Ash and Pikachu stumbling through the Alola region, with Ash sporting a new tan. He runs into new Alola flora and fauna, learns about “Pokemon School, where Pokemon and students all study together”, and has a run in with Team Skull.

In Pokemon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, we see Ash teaming up with the legendary Volcanion to save Magearna from a villian attempting to use its ultimate power for evil.

They’ve gone with a very cinematic trailer, complete with dramatic voice-over and clips of Volcanion threatening the bad guy. We also see a glimpse of Team Rocket at the end, as if it would be possible to have a movie without Jesse and James in it.

Expect to see the official releases of the Sun and Moon anime, and the movie soon, following the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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