Gamers who play MMORPG’s take them very seriously. It is like becoming a whole new person and beginning a journey that could take years. Along the way they’ll make new friends, new enemies, and just might learn some more things about themselves. You cannot simply start as a level 100, all powerful Sorcerer or something of that nature. Everyone must start the adventure at the very beginning. For those looking to dive into Revelation Online, that adventure begins now.

The lands of Nuanor are now open to a number of people in North America and Europe. Those who have purchased the Founder’s Pack, won a competition, or were simply selected, can now use their exclusive access to Revelation Online. That’s right, the closed beta for the MMO begins today. Those taking part will be able to reach up to create their characters and reach up to level 49. That seems pretty good, considering the max is only 79.

Revelation Online sets itself apart from other massive online titles with the power of flight. Characters can take flight themselves or ride flying mounts. This truly helps all players discover the world of Nuanor and all of the mystery it holds. Take your first steps to unlocking the secrets today. For more information, you can go to the game’s official website.

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