One of the first large-scale VRRPGs to be developed, The SoulKeeper VR, has entered a closed alpha preceding an Early Access release.

Developer HELM Systems promises that this will be the first in a series of dark fantasy games set in the SoulKeeper universe, and it’s already at least visually arresting: The framerate is low, but the world design and graphical quality looks, simply put, triple-A. The world has Skyrim-like scale and design, with Dark Souls levels of ominous.

The gameplay looks promising as well; battling is early in development, so it’s easy to run up to someone, roast them with your firestaff, and then slash them with your sword (which looks goofy), but it’s satisfying to do so with your own hands. And writing in the air to select your spells is inspired. See below:

From HELM Systems: “The initial game will set the play in the the immersive world of Gerindak… Allowing the player to experience the intertwining stories of various characters as the series develops. …players will start off [playing] Isoropos, a warrior monk, member of the ancient monastic order of the Lavordians who is sent to investigate dark rumors about an ancient enemy.”

The game also offers a lot of varied gameplay: “Multiple movement options, different combat gameplay mechanics including melee combat, spell casting using traceable symbols with the VIVE controllers, ranged combat, as well as a highly interactive world with in-game readable lore books, collectible inventory items, rideable mounts, including dragons and much more.”

The SoulKeeper VR is set to enter Early Access for the HTC Vive in 2017. You can sign up at SoulKeeper VR’s website, here, to “gain access to demos, giveaways and special content.”

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