For years, fans have been enjoying the fantastic games that Bioware has put out. These have mostly been part of either the Mass Effect or Dragon Age franchises. While we love those titles and can’t get enough of them, it is always wonderful to have something new and exciting on the horizon. For a little while now, Bioware has been working on a brand new IP. We still don’t know much, but we know one person who almost ready to spill the beans.

The General Manager for Bioware, Aaryn Flynn, was recently in an interview with Game Informer discussing Mass Effect Andromeda and other projects. When asked about the new IP he said that things were going very well and that it was both fun and very challenging to work on a new IP for the first time in many years, crediting the indie community for taking this on constantly.

Flynn went on to say that since putting a large focus on storytelling has always worked for them in the past, it would hold true for Bioware’s new IP as well. He also mentioned that it would push the boundaries of technology as a goal. While we wish we had more to say, rest assured that we should get more information once Andromeda is released and it takes a step back from the limelight.

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