Last night, the world watched and celebrated the best video games of the year with the Game Awards 2016. While it is always great to see Geoff Keighley playing host and recognizing great developers for their dedication, it is nice that they like to give something back to the loyal fans watching. There were a few world premieres and trailers last night. One from 343 Industries depicted just how nasty the villain of Halo Wars 2 can be.

In the history of the Halo Universe, The Covenant basically enslaved the Brutes to act as their mercenaries. They were sent head first into battle, most of the times to their death. There was one Brute, however, who always returned. His name is Atriox. His story and rise to power are the main focus of the latest Halo Wars 2 trailer, shown at the Game Awards 2016. It is truly a sight to see. Check it out for yourself below.

His reign truly causes a ton of carnage, taking lives wherever he goes. He will certainly be a difficult opponent to face in Halo Wars 2, but every player must rise up to stop this monster. Lead your forces and take down Atriox and the Banished next February in Halo Wars 2.

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