Assassination now has the Christmas feel thanks to some free DLC released by IO Interactive for their title, Hitman. The Holiday Hoarders update takes place in the Paris location, but has been given a sprinkling of festive cheer complete with snow, Christmas trees and presents.

The mission for Agent 47 is to stop two thieves ruining the festivities of a party taking place, using your own creative style. The presents that are scattered around the map are what the thieves are aiming to steal, but if you manage to get to them first, you are free to open them yourself and use the contents to aid you in your mission. This DLC will be free to all players, but is being launched in support of World Cancer Research Fund, and donations are appreciated.

The Holiday Hoarders mission is released as part of the December update for the game, launching on the 13th of the month. Elusive target #16 will also go live that day, taking players to Sapienza, Italy. There will be holiday-specific challenges as part of the DLC, offering players an additional reward. This new version of the Paris map will not replace the “Showstopper” mission, players are able to choose which version of the map they wish to use.

With Christmas fast approaching, Hitman players can look forward to seeing Agent 47 donning the red suit and beard of Santa, and dishing out some justice. Holiday Hoarders looks to be a well “delivered” (ho ho ho) bit of DLC, and is sure to put a different perspective on the season of goodwill.

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