Charity speed-running event Awesome Games Done Quick 2017, also known as AGDQ, is reported to have earned over two million dollars this year, marking the first time the event has hit that level.

The event, held in Herndon, Virginia is reported to have earned $2,218,335.30, almost twice the total of last year. This year’s event is also the first time a Games Done Quick event has earned over $1 million in a single day. This is the seventh Awesome Games Done Quick, the winter counterpart to Summer Games Done Quick, an extremely similar, but warmer, charity speed-running event. The charity is handled by Games Done Quick, LLC, and all proceeds go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The $2,218,335.30 was raised by a collective 33667 donors, including both personal donations and those done by organizations and companies, such as The Yetee, and a whopping $15,300 donation from Markus Persson, or Notch, of Minecraft fame, whose only donation comment was a simple “Here are more donations”.

The highest single donation was done by t-shirt company The Yetee, who donated $4 from each shirt sold, and at one point had raised $40,000 for AGDQ in 2 days. It was the 5th year the company has worked with the charity event, and they continue to shine.

There were a total of 181 runs done this year for Awesome Games Done Quick, spread among the single week-long event from the 8th of January to the 15th.

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