Black Desert, the beautiful action-combat MMORPG by DAUM, has released its newest expansion “Dive into Margoria.” Margoria will feature a giant ocean filled with new quests and new dangers for players.

Originally teased at Gamescom 2016, Margoria is said to push the limits of what an MMO can handle, and have large-scale guild versus guild naval battles. Trade on the ocean will be very lucrative, so it’s important to keep watch on your goodies and keep them out of the hands of pirate players. To do that, there are now more ship to build, including giant war galleys packed with guns and cannons to take down your enemies, and even sea monsters.

For those more player versus environment inclined, the expansion also includes over 100 new quests, with new characters that push the story of the world forward, and introduces underwater monster hunting. The only thing scarier than the previously-empty ocean is the now filled ocean.

With new seas come new areas, new fish to catch there, and new recipes to craft with those fish. Cooking and fishing will be front-and-center in Margoria for lifeskills. But be wary, the ocean is even more susceptible to the storms and weather the mainland suffers from, so the ocean won’t always be beautiful and kind.

Margoria is out now for all NA and EU Black Desert Online servers.

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