If you are a PC gamer, Valve and their digital distribution platform, Steam, have completely changed the way you play games on your computer. On an entirely different plane, Valve has changed the gaming industry with the creation of the Half-Life and Portal franchises. Players from around the world are constantly asking for new installments in both of these series. Gabe Newell, the Founder and President of Valve, may have just half wittingly confirmed something even more exciting.

One of the most popular pages on Reddit, is something called ‘Ask Me Anything’, or AMA. Celebrities and other interesting people sign up and the world is free to ask them whatever question their heart desires. For someone as high up in the gaming industry as Gabe Newell, this can be quite dangerous, considering how many fans will ask about Half-Life 3, or other things along those lines. When the Valve president took the task head on, one fan decided to take a slightly different route.

“Any chance of a new IP that takes place in the half-life/portal universe?” asked user japasthebass. “I feel like there’s a lot of story left to be explored there. Thanks!” Gabe Newell had a very simple response. “Yep.” It may not seem like much, but it is enough to get loyal fans wondering if this answer is sincerely a hint to the future, or just the veteran boss playing with our emotions. Hopefully we will learn the truth soon.

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