When the original Xbox released many years ago, it jumpstarted Microsoft to become one of the top competitors in the video game industry. Having exclusives, such as the legendary Halo: Combat Evolved and others, everyone wanted to jump on the Xbox train. Even though a lot of time has passed, the company has continued to stay on top with more consoles and more riveting games being released every year. With all of their success, Microsoft knows when and when they have to take a leap of faith.

Earlier this week, we saw an unfortunate cancellation to the game Scalebound, that had been in development since 2013. As there are most likely many fans who were looking forward to this title, one took to Twitter to talk about it with the Head of Xbox for Microsoft himself, Phil Spencer. User LeoCasablancas simply asked that they not stop taking risks because of what happened with Scalebound.

As usual, Phil Spencer answered back honestly and professionally. He stated “Good feedback, I know we have to take risks, I realize right now probably sounds hollow but I agree.” While we don’t know everything the future holds for Microsoft, we can rest assured knowing that it will be packed with some great games.

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