PAX is one of the most well known gaming conferences around the world. It is so popular that just doing it in one city is not good enough. With numerous expos under the same name around the United States, and one in Australia, it is not always easy to fill in all the time with great panels and speakers. PAX South will be taking place in San Antonio later this month, and it has landed a true talent for its opening keynote.

If you don’t know the name Christopher Perkins, you may not realize how much he has impacted the world of role-playing games and more. He started his illustrious as an editor for Dungeons magazine, owned by Wizards of the Coast. Eventually he became the Editor-in-Chief for everything from Wizards. This ultimately led to him taking over as story designer and manager for the Dungeons & Dragons series. Now he’ll be talking with the audience of PAX South to launch them into the expo.

The other notable panels at this year’s PAX South include Friday the 13th: The Game, Penny Arcade, and many more. The convention begins on Friday, January 27th and ends that Sunday. It will be great to see how Christopher Perkins starts the show.

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