For those who don’t know, Prey is a sci-fi action game coming from Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios. The title has now been given a release date and a new gameplay trailer featuring the enemies and environment you will face in the dramatic looking FPS. It hits store shelves May 5th.

This is the second gameplay trailer we’ve seen for Prey, the first appearingat the Game Awards 2016. The new trailer shows us combat, and some of the weaponry that will feature during play. The trailer also gives us some of the back story to what the premise of the game is, and what we can expect on board the giant space station Talos I.

The hostile aliens that appear in the snippets of action are reminiscent of the black goo that created Spider-Man’s famous nemesis Venom. It also appears to be just as dangerous. We get a good look at some of the futuristic and highly lethal guns and explosives that are bound to be a big draw for the title. This comes alongside a running commentary from one of the characters from the story, giving us a morbid run down of what is happening on board the science-based vessel, and leaves us with the grim observation that “nothing can survive.”

If you sign up for the pre-order of Prey, then extensive bonus content can be yours to utilize. You receive a family heirloom for Morgan Wu (the game’s main protagonist) dubbed the Margrave Shotgun, 3 Neuromods that can be used to acquire new abilities, 2 Medikits, Fabrication Plans to craft the shotgun and further ammunition, a starter kit for creating new weapons and tools, and a unique upgrade that will aid players in preserving their resources.

Prey appears to be shaping up quite nicely. The trailer gives us a view of the dark and sinister background there is for the title. Human experimentation in this genre never usually goes according to plan. As the release date creeps closer, the developers will surely release even more teasers and back story. Be sure to check back to Gamespresso for the latest developments.

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