Shiro Games has announced that their newest project, Northgard will be coming to Steam Early Access next month. Since their success with their previous title, Evoland, the developer has been working hard to bring their Viking Strategy game to gamers around the world.

In Northgard, players take command of a viking clan that has just arrived in an unknown land. They must then construct a village, gather resources, and develop their society while also defending themselves from many of the unknown creatures that inhabit the frontier, as well as other clans in the surrounding area.

The Early Access version of the game will allow players to experience the core gameplay features that make up Northgard, such as how resources are gathered and the jobs that each viking in a clan can take up. They will also have a chance to experience the variety of victory conditions that are currently in the game.

Shiro Games will continue to add more content and features as development continues. These features will include a dedicated multiplayer mode, campaign mode, two more playable clans, a diplomacy system and additional victory conditions. Northgard is set to release on Steam Early Access on February 22nd. For more, keep checking back here on Gamespresso.

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