Tom Clancy’s The Division has received patch notes for its 1.6 update, and they include full details of the exciting new content known as Last Stand.

Ubisoft released the information on the Ubiforum, with the patch notes relating to the Private Test Servers running the new version. The developer states that these changes may yet be altered before bringing the new patch to the live servers, and the team would appreciate community feedback on the changes and how it affects things, such as match balancing.

The full list of patch notes is extensive, and includes changes to things like the time to revive a downed teammate, going from 3 seconds up to 5 seconds, a short cooldown being added between being able to perform combat rolls, and civilians now always drop target intel when helped. This comes alongside numerous bug fixes and many other tweaks and changes.

More importantly than these smaller issues, the patch notes give us a better idea of the Last Stand mode and new Incursion that will be coming with the update. The Last Stand game mode is as reported earlier in the week. In organized, 8v8, competitive multiplayer, players must fight their way to control SHD Tech Relays, and remain in strategic control of these key terminals for a certain amount of time, as they rack up their team score. The first team to reach the max score, wins. Further details about the sinister Dark Zone that the patch notes give us, among others, is the terrifying sounding Contamination Events where pockets of the deadly virus are still present in subway stations and must be contained by destroying the powerful “cleaners.”

The new Incursion mode is named Lost Signal. It will take place in a civilian TV broadcasting station that has been taken over by the notorious Rikers Gang. Players will be challenged as they fight their way through three wings of the station, each posing their own unique challenges and difficulties. Successfully navigating your way through all three wings will reward your team with a dramatic boss fight, dubbed as “the strongest opposition yet.”

The Division has been a great success for Ubisoft, and it still holds interest for many players around the world. Exploring the infamous Dark Zone like never before in the Last Stand may also get a few players who have moved on in their gaming, to dust off their old copy and get back into the title.

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