There are a number of MMORPG’s that have gained high praise and been a huge part of many players’ lives. The ones that stand out today are obviously World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. It may be time for a new MMO to rise and take its place among the others. Ashes of Creation, developed by Intrepid Studios, is looking to change the way this genre is made and how one person could control much of the world.

Magic, exploration, political structures, and lore are just a few of the enticing factors put into this independent MMO. Intrepid Studios is looking to give each player more control over the world in Ashes of Creation. Depending on the quests completed and the actions taken, cities can rise or fall and the structure of lands can be turned upside down.

Of course, no studio can convince you to play their title without some actual gameplay. After the first year of development, Ashes of Creation finally has some great footage to show off. Witness the power and abilities your character can summon when traveling through the lands created by Intrepid Studios. Even the fact that this footage is Pre-Alpha just shows the potential of this game in the future. We wish it all the best.

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