Heroes of the Dorm, the “ultimate college esports tournament” will begin streaming on Facebook Live on February 15, and every good sports event needs good casters. Blizzard has released the lineup on the official Heroes of the Dorm website.

The casters we’ll be seeing for everything from Group Stages to Regional Finals are:

  • Paul ‘InVerum’ Todkill, eSports competitor since 2007, and competed in the first 2 Heroes of the Dorm events.
  • Bron ‘TheSource’ Mitchell, has done everything in eSports from competitor, to journalist, to MOBA coach, then back to HotS. He focuses on the players.
  • Albert ‘Halorin’ Hailey III, jumped into Heroes of the Storm casting in the inaugaral season of the Chair League, and hopes to bring excitement to his casting.
  • Kurt ‘Kaeyoh’ Ocher, was a pro player with Tempo Storm and played at Blizzcon 2015, has casted in many events from Chair League to the Nexus Games.

From the Round of 64 to the National Championship, we’ll be hearing from these casters:

  • Jaycie ‘Gillyweed’ Gluck, the only woman caster, and the co-founder of the Heroes of the Storm podcast, “Eye of the Storm”, has casted many Heroes of the Storm events before.
  • Wade ‘Dreadnaught’ Penfold, another Tempo Storm player, and a powerful game analyst, has retired from competing after his dominating season in 2015, and has taken up casting.
  • Thomas ‘Khaldor’ Kilian, German hype-man and Heroes casting veteran, found his home in Heroes of the Storm, and is excited to be casting such a big NA event.
  • Tim ‘TrikSlyr’ Frazier,  former community manager at Blizzard and Heroes of the Dorm and Blizzcon casting veteran.

The tournament is held to get scholarship money for college players, along with smaller prizes. It will be held from February 15th to April 8th.

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