Development hell is obviously something that no team wants to get into with any project. It has the word ‘hell’ right in the description. Tensions get high and it seems like almost no progress is being made. This is what happened to Final Fantasy XV, but somehow, it has turned itself around to become one of the biggest success stories from a game that took ten years to develop. Evidently, all that hard work paid off, and sooner than you may have thought.

Final Fantasy XV covered all of its development costs within the first day of launch. It was reported by DualShockers that on day one, there were over 5 million copies sold both physically and digitally world wide. This also marks Final Fantasy XV as the fastest selling title in the franchise. A few months later and it has sold past 6 million copies. With this, it has definitely turned a nice profit for Square Enix so far.

With DLC and other features coming to Final Fantasy XV in the future, there is no telling just how far they can take this blockbuster hit. Check out Gamespresso’s own review and if you haven’t already, think about picking up a copy for yourself.

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