The main appeal of a new age fighting game is the gameplay and the unique set of characters that will face off against one another. When your array of opponents are some of the best heroes and villains from the DC Universe, as is the case for Injustice 2,  you know there is a great story surrounding all of the battles. In this case, it is one that will have the Dark Knight and Man of Steel face each other head to head.

Batman states boldly that “every villain is the hero of his own story.” This immediately sets up the idea than any one person, while considered a hero, could actually be on the wrong side of this event, even Superman. While The Dark Knight and Man of Steel are clearly the heavy hitters in Injustice 2, as they usually are in any medium, they are joined by others that can clearly hold their own.

The Shattered Alliances trailer shows the clashing of some other conflicting heroes, such as Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle, but also marks the first reveal of Cyborg in Injustice 2. There is even a segment of Superman telling Super Girl that if she is not with him, then she is against him. Stakes are clearly high, making each match that much more exciting.

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