Hi-Rez Studios has revealed the newest hero for their MOBA, Smite. Kuzenbo, the Kappa King is a tank class character who utilizes a variety of spells to help protect himself while also disrupting and locking down his enemies.  The developers behind the game have released a video detailing the lore behind this character as well as a breakdown of all of his abilities and how they can be used in-game.

Smite’s newest hero released in patch 4.2, along with more content that will give players more cosmetic choices. Even though the patch doesn’t include a large amount of new gameplay features or balance changes, there will be a variety of new skins and changes to the price of certain items in the game’s store. A break down of all the changes that will be coming in patch 4.2 of smite has been compiled in a video that was also release by Hi-Rez. A full list of these changes call also be found on their website.

The next additions to Smite will give players more content to enjoy. Patch 4.2 of Smite is now available to all players to download now. The game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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