Online collectible card games (CCGs) have received a lot of attention in recent years, especially the upcoming game GWENT. During Pax East 2017, gamers will have a rare opportunity to see all of the work and effort that goes into making cards for GWENT, or at least the work and effort that goes into making the game’s card art.

This Saturday, March 11th, Geek Bomb’s Maude Garrett is hosting a GWENT panel in the Dragonfly Theatre. From 1 to 2 pm ET, Witcher fans can join Art Director Kasia Redesiuk and Senior Animator Brad Auty as they bring card art to life. People who cannot physically visit the panel can watch it in its entirety via a Twitch stream.

GWENT was originally a card game within the critically acclaimed Witcher 3, but CD PROJEKT RED’s talent made the game-within-a-game so thoroughly enjoyable that gamers collectively asked for a standalone version. GWENT sets itself apart from other CCGs with a heavy focus on bluffing and by dividing the game into rounds. Unlike other CCGs, players can use whatever cards they want during their turn without worrying about resources. However, players need to carefully decide which cards they use each round, because while one card might mean the difference between victory or defeat in the first round, sometimes throwing that round helps players win the match.

Gamers can register for the GWENT beta here. Stay with Gamespresso for more CD PROJEKT RED news

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