There was plenty of anticipation when Ubisoft was close to releasing The Division over one year ago. While it had a bit of a rocky start, this online shooter really turned things around and has become one of the most played online multiplayer games to date. A new expansion was also released just this week. If you’re someone who is willing to jump into the party a little late, The Division is opening its doors to you now.

All of the gameplay in The Division is done in the online world of the alternate future New York City. If you want to play this 3rd Person Shooter, you’re going to have to be online. Starting now on Xbox One and PC, you can begin a free trial with 6 hours of gameplay including the Story Campaign and much more. All of the progress you make will also rollover into your full game, should you decide to purchase The Division.

For those on the PlayStation 4, you will have to wait until March 9th for this free trial. Once your 6 hours are complete, there may be no stopping you from grabbing a copy of The Division and joining in the fight to take back New York. Give it try now, you won’t regret it.

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