The original Bespin DLC for Star Wars Battlefront was released to Season Pass owners on June 21. Now, Lead Designer Dennis Brannvall has announced that a Bespin free trial is coming to players on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on August 19.

The free trial will begin on August 19 and continue through the weekend, ending on the 21. EA has held limited free trials for Star Wars Battlefront before, with their first running back in May. The trial featured Outer Rim, the first available DLC pack available to Season Pass owners and PC players.

The free trial event precedes the highly anticipated Death Star DLC by approximately one month. According to EA’s official Star Wars Battlefront channel, the Death Star DLC is set to release sometime in September.

Bespin features the beautiful, if somewhat infamous, Cloud City. Any trip to the city in the sky would be incomplete without Lando Calrissian; naturally, the Rebel General joins the hero ranks, while the bounty hunter Dengar joining the villains. The DLC features new weapons and star cards, and even lets players pilot Cloud Cars.

The first Bespin free trial event is from August 19-21 and a second free trial event will be hosted from September 12-18. Perhaps the second event will be in celebration of the Death Star’s release? May the Force be with us on that.

  • Christopher Furlong

    The best shooters online. Hands down. DOWN WITH THE CAMPAIGNOCRACY!!!

    • Sean Timm

      It’s great online. But I still can’t wait to get my hands on that offline mode. Sometimes it’s nice to sit back with a lobby full of bots and just relax.

      • Christopher Furlong

        You mean the skirmish? Yeah, it will be a good addition.

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