Destiny, although a very polished game on Bungie’s part, is well-known for its glitches, be they ‘cheese’ methods in Raids or hiding places in Strikes. Emerging today, however, is a peculiar sight – a Legendary Auto Rifle that does a maximum of 365 damage; which is 34 more than the current damage cap.

The Auto Rifle in question is “Up For Anything”, released with The Dark Below DLC. At its normal stats, Up For Anything does a minimum of 272, and 331 when it’s completely upgraded. As a user posted on Imgur, however, their own version of Up For Anything does a maximum of 365 damage.

Destiny Up for anything

The player posted a comparative screenshot of the Vanguard Quartermaster’s version of Up For Anything, and it’s presented as having the regular stats.

Allegedly, the player received the weapon as a gift from the Postmaster when she first began playing Destiny in January, leading some to believe it may be a glitched Christmas gift.

Another player, possibly a Bungie employee, was also recently spotted on the Tower as having Vault of Glass gear with a Light level of 42. These two cases may be coincidences, but it’s possible that they’re stats part of the upcoming House of Wolves expansion, due for release on May 19th.

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