In a long-awaited Weekly Update, Bungie finally discussed how they will increase players’ Vault space in Destiny‘s upcoming 1.1.2 update.

Vault size has been an issue for many Guardians since Destiny‘s early days – ever since the first player decided to horde all their hard-earned gear inside, players have asked for a size increase. Bungie stated many times before that it’s listening to the feedback, and recently revealed that an update addressing the issue is on the way.

What’s interesting is that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 held back the Xbox One and PlayStation 4’s Vault size, and Bungie had to work around hardware limitations to offer an increase.

Currently, the Vaults in the Tower support 20 Armour slots, 20 Weapon slots, and 20 General slots. After the 1.1.2 update rolls out, players will see an increase up to 24 Armour slots, 36 Weapon slots, and 24 General slots.

While the size increase for Armour and general items isn’t much, it’s safe to assume that most players store more weapons than armour, based on the massive 16-slot increase for Weapons. Bungie provided an image for what the improved Vault space will look like:

Destiny vault space


Interestingly, Bungie revealed some stats saying that only a few players actually have full Vaults; though many are coming close to the limit.

Very few people have completely full Vaults, but a lot of endgame players are bumping up against the limits,” said John Hopson, Bungie’s User Research Lead. “For example, 21% of players who are level 30+ have 4 or fewer free spaces in their weapon Vaults right now.  The armor and general sections are slightly less full for most people, but not by much.”

Bungie also acknowledged that the space increase is only a short-term fix, and knows players will soon bump into the item cap, especially if they’re storing more armor or general items.

Bungie’s Live Team Lead, M.E. Chung acknowledged this issue, and explained why the Weapon slots saw the largest size increase:

Our challenge was to provide an increase in storage that fit within the memory constraints that limit how many items can be displayed on one screen. This had to be accomplished by a team who is simultaneously working on future content,” she said. “We opted for making sure that players would have enough slots for all Exotics from Launch through House of Wolves – thus the largest increase in slot space is for weapons.”

We know there are a bunch of players in the world who don’t have enough space for Armor and General items.  We’ll have a solution for you in the future.

Destiny update 1.1.2 will arrive some time in April. The upcoming House of Wolves expansion will allegedly release on May 19.

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