Sony’s brand new IP, Bloodborne, has proven to be a massive success for the company and while no official sales numbers have been revealed, Sony claims more than one million copies have been sold worldwide as of last month. Sony UK managing director Fergal Gara told MCV that they expected the PlayStation 4 exclusive to do well, but apparently the game’s recent success has completely blown their expectations of the water.

“It did surprise us,” Gara said. “We had expectations to do well. We looked at the Souls series as a frame of reference, and we thought we could do better than that. We did—and then some. Relative to some of our sister territories, we were being quite ambitious, but even that proved to be conservative.”

Gara also attributes the game’s success to lucky timing as the game was was released during a relatively slow month game-wise. Initially Sony was a bit caught of guard by the strong demand for the game, but they were able to catch up and take advantage of how many consumers wanted to buy the game.

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