Some teams have already been invited to the tournament including: Vici Gaming, Evil Geniuses, Team Secret, Invictus Gaming, LGD Gaming, Cloud 9, Team Empire, Virtus Pro, Newbee and Team Malaysia. There are currently 6 more slots available for entrants in TI5. They are currently reserved for the American, Chinese, European, Southeast Asian and Wild Card winners for the regional qualifiers.

Starting with America and China’s Qualifers on May 25th – 28th; team will throw their absolute all into succeeding and securing that spot at the TI5. Then, from May 29th to Jun 1st; the European and Southeast Asian Qualifers.

Here are the current teams that will be up against each other in each region:

America – Not Today, Void Boys, Wheel Whreck While Whistling, North American Rejects, Team Leviathan, ROOT Gaming, compLexity Gaming, eHug, mousesports and Unknown. xiu.

China – EHOME, Energy Pacemaker, Newbee Young, Tongfu Wanzhou, Old Boys, CDEC Gaming, Vici Gaming Potential, TongFu, HyperGloryTeam and Wings Gaming.

Europe – 4 Anchors + Sea Captain, Burden United, Alliance, Power Rangers, Ninjas in Pyajamas, Natus Vincere, London Conspiracy, Vega Squadron, HellRaisers and Yellow Submarine.

Southeast Asia – 5eva, Mineski, G-Guard, MVP.Hot6, TnC Gaming, MVP.Phoenix, Signature.Trust, Can’t Say Wips, Rave and Invasion eSports.

It surprises me especially is the European bracket where Alliance and Na’Vi will be fighting it out to get into TI5 when they’ve succeeded in previous years. Also, the final team in each bracket are local winners of the open qualifier matches; I’m so excited to seeing how they fair! Hoping for an underdog to rise out from these matches!

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