New footage has been released detailing the mechanics of Tacoma, the newest game from Gone Home developer Fullbright.

In Tacoma, you wander around an abandoned space station trying to discover what happened to the crew. Throughout the station, you’ll find holograms of the former inhabitants having conversations and going about their daily activities due to a company policy which records all movements and conversation. These holograms will help you uncover codes, keys and important objects in the pursuit of discovering what happened on Tacoma.

You can pick up and inspect objects, just as you could in Gone Home, as well as attach to ceilings and walls via magnetic boots in order to uncover secrets and hidden areas. The video of the walkthrough is available to watch courtesy of Game Informer.

Tacoma will be available on PC and Xbox One in 2016. Stay tuned to Gamespresso for more news on the game as it happens.

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