The turn-based strategy game, DomiNAtions, received its latest update last week and its adding a bunch of new features. It’s been about a month since the last patch, but it was worth the wait. Patch v2.0.x, otherwise known as the Industrial Age update, includes a myriad of changes including new units, buildings, and balance changes.

As expected, the Industrial Age patch allows players to advance their civilizations into the Industrial Age and unlock new units and technologies. Players now have access to industrialized vehicles such as Heavy Tanks, Biplanes, and Zeppelins, as well as special mercenary units from other factions. Also, players can research new technology upgrades to improve their civilization’s industry capabilities.

In addition, the developers added another campaign mode. Players get the chance to play as the Vikings and ravage through Medieval Europe, while claiming their territory.

Moreover, the developers fixed a number of bugs and UI issues. Balance changes were implemented for units and factions as well. For a complete list of the patch notes, you can visit the Nexon forums page linked in the text.

DomiNations can be downloaded at the App store or Google play for free.



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