The great Astral Hunt update arrived last night. The great teacher graces the fields with his expertise in both archery and medicine. Yes, Chiron is now available to play. If you don’t have the Ultimate God Pack and don’t have the favor to purchase him, you can try your luck at the competition below! The kind folks at Hi-Rez and Surprise Attack have sent us keys to unlock Chiron and his alternate skin ‘Sagittarius’. That’s not all, you also have a chance to pick up Ah Puch’s Galactic Invader skin and Khepri’s Horned Beetle skin. These two skins will also unlock Ah Puch and Khepri if you have not had a chance to pick up these Gods as well!

Win a SMITE key for the newest God Chiron + Sagittarius alternate skin + More!

The competition will run until Friday 27th of November, 2015. Also these keys are ONLY for the PC version of SMITE. Get your entries in fast! The more entries you put in the higher the chance you’ll snag one of these keys. Good luck folks!

For the people who want to see what each skin is:

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