Blizzard has put together a trailer showcasing everything you need to know about the newest heroes to step into Heroes of the Storm. Lunara, a dryad from Warcraft, is a raged assassin in Heroes of the Storm, defined by her quick movement and her ability to poison her enemies.

“Lunara’s most defining feature is her base movement,” the spotlight explains. “She not only moves faster than most heroes, but her bounding strides make shifting combat positions very difficult to predict.”

As for laying in the damage like any good assassin, “Her trait, Nature’s Toxin, allows her to remain elusive at range while working in attacks that increase damage to her targets over time.” Most of Lunara’s abilities apply a poison effect on her enemies, meaning the more targets she can continue to hit at once, the longer the damage keeps ticking away at her opponents health.

Here is a full list of her abilities:

  • Noxious Blossom (Q): After a delay, causes area-of-effect damage over a small area.
  • Crippling Spores (W): Everyone affected by Nature’s Toxin is slowed for a short duration.
  • Wisp (E): Spawns a wisp that can be used to freely scout out an area. It lasts for a certain amount of time or until it’s attacked.
  • Thornwood Vine (R): Shoot an attack in a straight line, damaging all enemies it hits. It has up to three charges and can be fired rapidly.
  • Leaping Strike (R): Launch yourself over a target, doing damage and slowing them. It has two charges and can be used in rapid succession.
  • Nature’s Toxin (Trait): Your basic attacks and damaging abilities poison their target, dealing light damage every second for three seconds, every additional application increases the duration by three seconds, up to a maximum of nine seconds.

Lunara is now live in the nexus and is available for either 15,000 gold or, usually $9.99. Due to the special holiday sale taking place in Heroes of the Storm currently, where everything in the store is at least 50% off, you can pick up Lunara for only $4.99. Be sure to also check out all the new skins and free gifts coming as part of the game’s holiday event, Gift of Winter Veil.

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