As someone who still actively plays Grand Theft Auto Online with a bunch of misfits, hearing the loading screen being cut is probably my most excited update. For an entire write up of the patch, you can check out the details on the Rockstar forum page. According to the update, there is one new car and two new mods for existing cars, a new Advesary game mode (Sumo), two new weapons, three new character actions, 120 lowrider clothing pieces, 16 new tattoos and 3 new haircuts.

On top of these new physical changes, there have been some new features including the requested ‘Ghosted to Player’ allows the player to enter ‘ghost’ form and be unable to kill each other, but only triggered when the player gets killed 3 time by the same person in under 5 minutes and if they have not taken damage from you. Furthermore, Contact Missions can now be unlocked directly through the start menu.

Again, these changes and the incredible amount of fixes can be found on the Rockstar forum page for a much more in depth breakdown. Happy heisting!

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