To say that Persona fans have a lot to look forward to is somewhat of an understatement. A whole gaggle of news has come out about their next title, Persona 5, so bear with us as we go through this information one at a time.

The biggest news first: Persona 5 now has a release date set for September 15th. However, this is only the release date for Japan; Western audiences might have to wait until holiday 2016 or even early 2017 for the game to be released.

As well, Persona 5 is still releasing with a PlayStation 3 version, meaning that those that haven’t yet upgraded to next-gen consoles won’t have to worry about needing to upgrade to play.

Those in Japan will also be able to grab a special collector’s edition that celebrates the series’s 20 year anniversary. Inside is a soundtrack CD of the best music from every Persona title, an art book, and the “Special Collaboration” DLC, which comes with the outfit sets below.

persona 5 1

persona 5 2

A last final piece, Persona 5 will be at E3, which is where we’ll likely hear more about the title’s position in the West: release date, special editions, and more.

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