After winning numerous independent, racing, and sports game awards, Rocket League is still going strong with new content consistently being released. With the latest update coming next month, Psyonix has decided to pay homage to an 80’s classic with a whole lot of style.

In a way, Rocket League is very much like the light bike game in TRON. A number of vehicles on a team, in a grid like arena, looking to crash each other and win out in the end. These similarities are being taken to the next step as a new map being released adds two pillars in the middle of the map, adding a three-lane strategy  and more height to each match. There is also a TRON  visual aesthetic with a vibrant blue outline on everything. When using this new map, just make sure each computer teammate is one who fights for the user.

Rocket League is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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